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Research Policy

Research is an integral and important part of the institute and Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology actively promotes research among faculty and students. In addition to basic research, which is the backbone of any research, the institute also gives adequate importance and support to applied research. Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology is working in various fields of Biotechnology with an inter-disciplinary approach such as Medical & Clinical Microbiology, Molecular Diagnostics, Environment Biotechnology, Plant Tissue Culture, Biochemistry, Immunology, Advanced Genetic Engineering, etc. The institute aims to create centres of excellence for research & innovation through its new ventures ‘Centres for Innovation, Research & Development (CIRD)’. The research activities of the institutes are facilitated through the state of the art inter disciplinary laboratories. The institute is actively involved in path breaking innovation projects in different fields of Biotechnology that impacts the society. The institution encourages and promotes a research culture such as providing teaching work load remission, internal mural grants, mini-incubatorship grants, and opportunities for attending conferences and workshops, hands on trainings to faculty members as a part of Faculty Development Programme. The faculties are encouraged to undertake research by collaborating with other research organization & industry.


To be the Best Biotech Research University by conducting world class research, that develop knowledge and contribute to the economic growth and social advancement of the nation and benefit Humanity as a whole.


To develop and expand innovative research programs that align well with institutional mission and strategic plan, address important national & global biotech needs, through development of strategies research clusters of interdisciplinary approach to expand research opportunities & resources that attracts robust numbers of fellows.


  • Setting up the Advanced Repository Division to preserve and exploit the properties of microorganisms in understanding their clinical, environmental and other social significance.
  • Potential place for maturing the idea by providing specific trainings, short term with intensive design hands-on workshop, seminars, interactive sessions etc. in the field of biotechnology and allied sciences to produce skilled manpower to the society.
  • Ready and equipped in Make in India Initiative: Indigenous development of new, rapid & economical diagnostics kits against most prevalent diseases in the region and exploring other microorganisms to evaluate their potentiality towards current challenges.
  • Our intellectual strengths supported with advanced infrastructure play potential role in setting up the Virtual and Door to Door education and training system
  • Ready with open hands to participate actively to build Centre for Innovation, Research & Development (CIRD) in the state.

Intra Mural Grants

The following Projects have been sanctioned for the session 2018-2019

S. No. Title of Project Name of PI Duration of Project
1 Bio remedial Approach for decolourization of textile dyes from effluents of textile industries Dr. Sonika Saxena Upto One Year
2 Analysis of the effect of physiochemical parameters on the aquatic life of water from Mansagar lake, Jaipur after and before bio-remediation through indigenous isolated strains
3 Effect of Xerophytic plants on crop plants grown in Rajasthan and their role in abiotic stress tolerance Dr. Parul Chowdhury Upto One Year
4 Role of exogenous capping agents in synthesis and stability of silver nanoparticles from fungi Dr. Juhi Saxena Upto One Year
5 Effects of Moringa oleifera on methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) clinical isolates and molecular typing and protein profiling of MRSA isolates Ms. Apoorva Rana Upto One Year
6 Drug sensitivity profiles of Candida isolates infecting patients in Rajasthan and mechanistic insights in the infection process Dr. Aakanksha Kalra Upto One Year
7 Determination of the relationship between BMI (Body Mass Index) with different health parameters in males/females Dr. Ankit Sharma Upto One Year
8 Functional characterization of transcription factor genes involved in abiotic stress from plants Dr. Purva Bhalothia Upto One Year
9 The study of urinary tract infection associated microflora and their drug resistance Dr. Abhishek Roy Upto One Year
10 Repurposing of Anti-Cancer drug (5-FU) as an anti-bacterial drug for nosocomial infection Dr. Ravi Ranjan Kumar Niraj Upto One Year
11 Identification, Biochemical, Characterization, Antibiotic susceptibility profiling and genetic characterization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates obtained from various sources Dr. Rudra Chhajer Upto One Year
12 Isolation and sequencing of genes related to BMP Signalling in Corvus splendens (House crow) Dr. Aditi Nag Upto One Year

Centre for Innovation, Research & Development

Biotechnology is a broad discipline in which biological processes, organisms, cells or cellular components are exploited to develop new technologies & new tools and product developed by biotechnologist are useful in research, agriculture, industry and the clinic. With the vision of exploiting biotechnological tools and techniques for promoting research and developmental activities, mainly to solve the problem, or to develop new product or to create new service, Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology has constituted a centre, which will act as a bridging gap between academia and industry. The Centre for Innovation, Research & Development (CIRD) will provide us the mining of research work done in various directions and provide us the sustainable pipeline of new products as well as refinements in current processes and products. This centre will comprise of systematic activities combining both applied and diagnostic research, aimed at discovering solutions to problems or creating new tools, goods and knowledge. This centre will also serve as the seed to grow research & development wing of the organization, which will not only give us the edge and also visualize our work globally. The CIRD facilitates the faculty to undertake research by providing research funds (seed money). CIRD has provision for research facilities in terms of laboratory equipment, research journals and research incentives are made available to the faculty The CIRD encourages and promotes a research culture among all its faculty, lecturers and scientists.

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