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Research Strengths

Molecular biology and Molecular Diagnostics laboratory:

moleculra biology
Equipped with advanced instruments and techniques and well maintained septic conditions to conduct experiments with DNA, RNA and protein.
  • Isolation & characterization of genomic and plasmid DNA
  • Isolation & characterization of plant DNA
  • Molecular markers studies using gene specific PCR and RT-PCR
  • Protein isolation and profiling using SDS PAGE & Western Blotting
  • Restriction, ligation and transformation of plasmid DNA
Major Instruments & Techniques
  • Real Time-PCR
  • Electrophoresis Unit ( Horizontal and Submarine)
  • Cooling Centrifuge
  • Trans illuminator
  • Thermal Cycler
  • Incubator Shaker
  • Centrifuge
  • Magnetic Stirrer
  • Minus 20 degree Freezer
  • Blotting Unit
  • Minus 80 degree Freezer

Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology in collaboration with its own venture Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. offers facilities to conduct research related to diagnosis of infectious diseases like HIV, HPV and TB.

Medical Microbiology Laboratory

moleculra biology
Fully equipped laboratory with excellent facilities to undertake all sorts of microbiological analysis.
  • Bacterial identification and characterization
  • Antibiotic sensitivity Assay and MIC determination
  • Microbial growth kinetic studies
  • Screening of MRSA and ESBL producing bacteria
  • Screening of bacteria for production of Industrially important enzymes
  • Culture filtrate studies
  • Fungal identification and culture studies
Major Instruments & Techniques:
  • Binocular Microscope
  • Autoclave
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Incubator
  • Colony Counter
  • pH Meter
  • Biosafety Cabine
  • Automated Cell Counter
  • Refrigerator
  • Bacterial identification and characterization
  • Antibiotic sensitivity Assay and MIC determination
  • Regular culturing and identification of M. tuberculosis
  • Culture filtrate studies
  • Fungal culture and identification

Students get extensive overview of working with clinical samples, which help them in developing in depth knowledge of the subject.

Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory

moleculra biology

Designed with Research orientation to carry out protocols with high precision, facilitates the preparation, maintenance and preservation of cell lines.

Major Instruments & Techniques:
  • Tissue culture rack
  • Digital balance
  • Auto clave
  • BOD Incubator cum shaker
  • Bio safety Cabinet
  • Water Bath
  • Micro propagation
  • Embryo Culture
  • Root Tip Culture
  • Somatic embryo encapsulation to produce synthetic seeds

Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory

moleculra biology

Equipped to conduct research to develop techniques for sustainable use of resources, bioremediation of contaminated sites, biological treatments of industrial, & domestic sewage and through natural & sustainable technology, and bioconversion of organic fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW)

Physico-chemical (pH, temperature, acidity, alkalinity nitrate, nitrite, Total Kjeldahl nitrogen, ammonical nitrogen, suspended solids & dissolved, phosphates, BOD, COD, etc.), biological and microbiological analysis (MPN, SPC, coliforms- total & fecal) of water, waste water and soil

Major Instruments & Techniques
  • Immunoassay System ADVIA Centaur
  • Immulite
  • ELISA Reader
  • Gamma counter
  • Gel densitometer
  • Immuno electrophoresis unit
  • VDRL
  • Blood Grouping
  • Coombs Test
  • Rh Typing
  • RIEP
  • Isolation of serum protein by SDS- PAGE,

Immunology Lab

moleculra biology

Equipped with advanced and sophisticated instruments to perform different techniques. The laboratory is backed with modern infrastructure and equipments to perform different types of immune assays that support the study of the subject.

  • Conductivity meter
  • Water Bath
  • pH Meter
  • Digital Balance
  • Soxhlet Appratus
  • COD digester
  • Hanna Multiparameter kit
  • BOD Incubator
  • Spectrophotometer

Biochemistry Laboratory

moleculra biology

Well managed facilities for carrying out basic and advanced biochemical analysis from animal and plant samples.
Determination of plasma/ serum glucose, total serum protein, serum cholesterol, urea and total nitrogen content
Determination of protein content, antioxidant activity, phenolic content, Vitamin C and sugar content

  • UV Visible Spectrophotometer
  • ESR analyzer
  • Colorimeter
  • Cooling Centrifuge
  • Clinical BiochemistryAnalyzer
  • Turbidometer
  • Qualitative and Quantitative estimation of biomolecules
  • Enzyme kinetic studies
  • Chromatographic Techniques
  • Antioxidant Analysis
  • Hemoglobulin Estimation

Scientific Operational Platforms

The institute aims to foster in the various fields of Biotechnology, our research activities belong to the following broad themes or domains:


Medical Microbiology & Clinical Microbiology

Aspects include studies on infectious diseases, exploration of herbal drugs against multi-drug resistant microorganisms, biosynthesis of nanoparticles and their use in healthcare and studies for anti-hyperglycemic herbal drugs.

Environment Biotechnology

Aspects include Bioremediation & Biodegradation, analysis from environment samples of micro flora water and wastewater treatment and its reuse.

Plant Biotechnology

Aspects include genetic identification of stress resistant variety of different crops, understanding the role of regulatory elements underpinning development and other adaptive traits in plant systems at molecular level, evaluation of various plant extracts for their potential for anti-bacterial & anti-fungal activities.


Nano-technology' is the production technology to get the extra high accuracy and ultra fine dimensions. Aspects include production of nanoparticle and its application potential.

Biochemistry and Immunology

Antioxidant/ Free radical analysis of potential compounds, secondary metabolites – Phytochemical structure of compound. Quantitation of various cellular components such as proteins, carbohydrate, lipids, nucleic acids and other biomolecules. Chomatographic characterization: Isolation, identification & Characterization of biomolecules. Training of students/ young buds for basic & advanced tools in biochemistry & immunology

Molecular Diagnostics

Development of indigenous diagnostic kits, molecular typing of various microorganisms including mono or multidrug resistant organisms isolated from various clinical samples.

Instrumentation Platforms

The institute provides Central Instrumentation facilities at various platforms, glimpse of which is shown below:


Store & Purchase Facility

The institute comprise of central store with fully equipped chemicals, glasswares , and consumables for research facilitation.

Internal Laboratory Management System

The institute possesses Internal Laboratory Management System through Good Laboratory practices and providing timely training & development.

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