10 years

Research Schemes

Amalgamated Fund Policy

This policy provides the full or partial financial assistance for various welfare activities of the institute and to provide partial financial support for scientific, extracurricular, academic, sports, coordinatorship and other promotional activities of the institute such as student, faculty & staff welfare activities, scientific welfare.

Mini Incubator Scheme

The Mini Incubator Scheme is for talented young buds from Schools, colleges and other academia, start-ups or an Incubatee (Researchers, PhDs, Medical degree holders, Biomedical Engineering. Graduates in science, & 10+2 students) who have an innovative idea which may be in the nascent and planning stage and there is an unmet need for mentorship and initial funding.

Director’s Student’s List

With the aim to generate the outstanding students by nurturing their talent and generate the ambassadors for Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology:

  • Best 3 students will be selected and groomed to come up at their best.
  • Throughout the year robust training in different fields will be given to the selected students in various areas for their overall refinement.
  • At the end of year the students will be awarded by providing certificates for this achievement. They will also get the opportunity to avail laboratory facility for one year in any requirement for their upcoming research project.

Outstanding Faculty & Student of the year

To promote the work culture and scientific aptitude amongst the students and faculty members, outstanding faculty & research scholar will be awarded for his/ her contribution to science and institute.

Faculty Development Programme

The institute organizes various Faculty Development Programme at frequent level that build up the research skills of the faculty members.


The institute provide Travel grant to its faculty members for participation in workshops, conferences, symposiums.

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