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Green Hospital Session | BioESD2019

Green Hospital Session | BioESD2019


To discuss the Green Hospital Concept experts from the field and various renowned hospitals of Jaipur will be joining us in National conference - BioESD2019.

Green Hospitals are buildings which utilize natural resources in an eco-friendly manner that enhance patient well-being and aids the curative process. It also promotes efficient waste management, particularly biomedical waste, solid and liquid waste along with recycling, reusing and reducing waste.

The emerging antibiotic resistance has caused a global adverse impact. The greater the amount of energy consumed in a hospital, the greater the release of toxic wastes to the environment, causing damage which may put human life at risk of other diseases and death. It also focuses on indoor air quality, lighting, clean and green interior building materials, gardens and landscapes. The main objectives are to:

• Reduction of energy consumption
• Cost reduction 
• Reduction in carbon dioxide emission 
• Designing Green Building
• Waste management 
• Water conservation

Building green hospitals can reduce the dependence on non-renewable sources of energy, 20-40% energy savings, 35-40% water saving, no sick building syndrome and faster patient recovery.

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