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Industrial Biotechnology Training Program | Module: Molecular Biology

Industrial Biotechnology Training Program | Module: Molecular Biology

Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology offers extensive and complete knowledge in BioTech Training to impact futuristic biotechnology education and develop a cadre of technocrats dedication to the application of biotechnology.

The Industrial Biotechnology Training program enlightens the students, research scholars and faculty members to enhance the industry-specific training and allows them to pursue their career in the Biotech Industry 

Module: Molecular Biology

Module Strength: To gain Hands-on acquaintance to the major techniques including-

• Genomic DNA and Plasmid DNA isolation
• Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
• Quantification of DNA sample & calculation of DNA Melting Temperature
• Gene specification by PCR amplification
• PCR amplification using RAPD markers
• Multiplex PCR, Colony PCR
• PCR Purification
• Ligation, RFLP, SNP Detection
• Competent Cell preparation and Transformation

Placement Opportunity – Job opportunity for trainees in Medical, Molecular,
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries as well as in Research and Agriculture sector.

Duration: 15 Days/ 1 Month

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