Biotech Industrial Training

To Bridge the skill gap between Industry and Academia

Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology offers comprehensive & in-depth practical hands-on Biotech training, in a real-life environment, which enables the participants to master the skills in Biotechnology. the mission of Biotech Industrial Training Programme is to provide industry-specific training to students, research scholars and faculty members for skill development and enhancing their job opportunities in the biotech industry. The Indian Biotechnology sector is one of the fastest growing knowledge-based sectors and is expected to play a key role in shaping India’s rapidly developing economy. In biotechnology industrial sector, a huge importance is given to the skilled manpower employed and hence, head-hunting has always been one of the prime priorities. Unfortunately, most of the students of biotechnology lag behind and fail to satisfy the skill requirement of these industries even though they may be strong in theoretical concepts. Hence, it has been marked at various forums that the freshly graduating students are often not – employable though trainable.

The Biotech Industrial Training Program aims to provide industry specific training to students for skill development and is specially designed for students to gain ‘hands-on’ training experience hence enhancing their job opportunities in biotech industry. Hence, all possible efforts are made to inculcate research aptitude and good work culture among the students through well planned, properly executed and evaluated training.


  • Workshops
  • Standard & Specialized Training Programs
  • Project Work
  • Dissertation
  • Internship

Modules(duration 15-30 days)

  • Medical Microbiology - Basic & Advanced
  • Advanced Genetic Engineering - Basic & Advanced
  • Bioinformatics - Basic & Advanced
  • Environment Biotechnology - Basic & Advanced
  • Immuno technology - Basic & Advanced
  • Molecular Diagnostics - Basic & Advanced
  • Plant Biotechnology & tissue culture - Basic & Advanced
  • Food Microbiology – Basic
  • Nanobiotechnology - Basic

Dissertation & Project work (duration 1 month – 12 months)

  • 5 days
  • Two Weeks
  • Four Weeks
  • Six Weeks
  • 1 Month
  • 2 Months
  • 3 Months
  • 4 to 6 Months
  • 1 Year


Students pursuing their studies in B.Sc./ M.Sc./ B.Tech/ M.Tech in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, B. Pharma/ M. Pharma and Research Scholars in the field of life sciences.



This was an excellent course that exceeded my expectations.The breadth and depth of instruction was perfect for my personal need .The instructor was highly knowledgeable and had extensive experience to draw from. The facilities were very good.
Aditya Upadhyay, M. Tech Biotech, RGVP, Bhopal
I am very thankful to BIBT for providing the IBT program which helped me prepare myself for the challenges in the industries. The faculty & staff are all dedicated to student' learning, making BIBT an exciting place to learn. The flexible & professional environment for learning provides the opportunity to explore yourself.
Anmol Kulshreshtha, M.Tech. Biotech, RGVP, Bhopal
It was one of the best learning experiences i had. I am immensely thankful to Dr. B Lal Institute of Biotechnology for providing the summer training in the fields of Medical Microbiology and Immuno Technology which helped me to attain the practical knowledge. Faculty and staff are all dedicated to student success and innovation, and making this institute an exciting place to learn. Overall environment at this institute is very friendly and one of the best thing about this institute is anytime we can go and clear our doubts.
Manpreet Kaur, Chandigarh University
From June 2017 to August 2017 I was there at BIBT for my B.Sc. Biotechnology Part III dissertation.It has been a great experience overall in BIBT. They have a panel of great faculty members who have deep theoretical and practical knowledge of field.Wellequipped labs of individual subjects under the biotechnology stream with all necessary equipments.Library is full of books with all needed thesis and theoretical help from teaching staff. Canteen was best place to chill out.Thanks all you guys for being a supporting step to my future.
Pradeep Singh Shekhawat, Shekhawati College, Sikar
BThe college offers excellent learning opportunities to the students to get trained in the subject with theoretical and practical understanding.It’s a great institute for summer training with excellent faculty...
Sakshi Agarwal, Modi Institute, Kota
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