Career Options


Biotechnology is a vast field that has its utilities in many fields and industries. In recent years biotechnology has greatly increased the graph of its contribution to unconventional sectors. This increases career opportunities for Biotechnology graduates. Now, Biotechnology graduates can get jobs in the Agriculture field, medicine, medicinal research, industrial research, animal husbandry, and sciences, textile, food industry, cosmetic and nutrition industry, environmental solutions, soil ecology, etc.

If you are also fresh out of or doing MSc. In Biotechnology then consider the following job opportunities:

In India

Biotechnology applications prevail in many fields in India. More popular sectors where MSc. holders in biotechnology can find jobs in:

  • Drug and pharmaceutical research
  • Government research establishments
  • Food-processing industry
  • Energy conservational and production
  • BIO-processing industry
  • Waste management

Private drug and food companies are a great place to start a biotechnology career in the corporate sector. Biotechnologist professionals are always in demand in these private companies and also get a very good salary package.

One very unconventional sector that is marketing is also an option because of the private companies’ interest in developing and finding sectors and markets where their products would be required.

Job profiles:

  • Medical scientists
  • R&D and process development scientist
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Epidemiologists
  • Microbiologists
  • Bioproduction Operators
  • Lab technicians – DNA, IVF, Prosthetic, organ transplant, etc.
  • Genetic counselors
  • Zoologist
  • biochemical engineer
  • Chemical engineer technician
  • Food safety analysts
  • Quality analyst- food, soil, plant, chemical, dermatology products

Top employers:

Government active Research establishments

  1. The Government of India national Biotechnology Board
  2. The Department of Science and Technology
  3. Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
  4. Indian Council for Agricultural Research
  5. Defense Research Development Organization
  6. Biotechnology Consortium of India Ltd.

To get hired in a government research organization you might need to appear and clear some exams of the organizations.

Private biotechnology companies

  1. Biocon
  2. Serum Institute of India
  3. Novo Nordisk
  4. GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  5. Panacea Biotech Ltd.
  6. Zydus Cadila


Abroad has more chances of landing you a good job after an MSc. in biotechnology. Foreign countries have many research establishments and organizations dedicated to biotechnology directly or indirectly. Industrial research positions in industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, agricultural production and development, DNA research laboratories, medical research laboratories, pharmacy companies, etc. are the most ideal for the MSc. holders as they have a piece of more advanced knowledge in their fields.

Abroad has a more developed outlook and market on uses of biotechnology in more industries and hence can be a bit more expansive for employment options and versatility.

Following are the roles you can expect to get in abroad

  • Medical scientist
  • Bio-manufacturing scientist
  • Medical and clinical lab technologists
  • Environmental hazard management
  • Biological technologist
  • R&D scientists
  • Biophysicists
  • Microbiologist
  • Epidemiologists
  • Biomechanics scientists
  • Bioinformatics researcher

Top biotechnology companies abroad

  1. Amgen
  2. Biogen Idec
  3. Serono
  4. Gilead Sciences
  5. Genzyme
  6. Cephalon
  7. CSL Australia

Teaching is also an option as you require a master’s degree and eligible to teach younger students in biotechnology colleges. It is for those who do not want to enter any of the before-mentioned job profiles but still in the biotech field.