Hello! We have some great information for our science geeks who have completed their 12th recently and are looking forward to furthering studies but are confused about which field to choose yet. Well, we understand that when it comes to your career, your bachelor’s degree is the most important foundation for that. Being a science student, you might already have plenty of career options and streams to go. But what exactly is the best one made for you?

Well, if you are interested in the study of cellular and biomolecular processes for the development of technologies and other products that help people in their day-to-day life and health, then we have the best career option for you, Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology! Yes, this is the course that you have been looking for! The Bachelor of Science in biotechnology is a 3-year undergraduate course that involves an in-depth study of a biological process that is meant for industrial purposes like genetic manipulation of microorganisms to produce antibiotics, hormones, etc. used in medicine production and other such purposes.


Now, there are some common questions that students usually have regarding this course and we have the answers to make it less confusing for all of you out there.

  1. Is there any entrance exam for B. Sc. in biotechnology after 12th?

Yes, there are entrance tests for admission in B. Sc. Biotechnology conducted by both government and private colleges. The most noted ones would be:

  1. BHU UET at Banaras Hindu University
  2. AMUEE at Aligarh Muslim University
  3. IISER Aptitude Test
  4. JEE for IIT
  6. CG PAT
  7. JCECE
  8. MP PAT
  9. PAU CET and many more.

These are the entrance exams for B.Sc. Biotechnology, held by various universities and authorities nationwide.

Although JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is necessary if you want to study this course in IIT.


  1. How to apply for B. Sc. in Biotechnology?

To apply for B. Sc. in Biotechnology, you must first meet a few qualifications, like:

  1. A minimum score of 50% (45% for SC and ST candidates) in both 10th and 12th classes, i.e., higher secondary and senior secondary levels.
  2. Should have studied biology, chemistry, and physics as main subjects in 12th and have scored a minimum of 60% in these 3 subjects.

If you are eligible to apply for B. Sc. in Biotechnology as per these qualifications, you can apply for the course in the colleges and wait for the cut-off lists that the colleges would release. You will get admission based on the marks gained in 10+2 and other reservations. Colleges like Blalbiotech provide students with easy admission facilities too.


  1. What are the subjects in B. Sc. biotechnology?

The course of B. Sc. Biotechnology includes both theoretical and practical subjects and the last year includes generic elective courses. The syllabus of Biotechnology in the respective semesters is-

Sem1 includes Macromolecular structure and analysis, biophysics and instrumentation, cell structure and dynamics, biomathematics, and chemistry.

Sem2 includes the study of organic mechanisms in biology, principles of transmission genetics and microbiology, biomathematics 2, and introduction to programming and digital logic.

Sem3 includes microbial genetics, principles of immunology, plant and animal tissue culture techniques and applications, plant biotechnology, and introduction to data structure and computer organization.

Sem4 includes molecular genetics, computational biology and bioinformatics, biodiversity and taxonomy, animal biotechnology, and introduction to DBMS, computer network, and numerical analysis.

Sem5 includes DNA typing and proteomics, recombinant DNA technology, environmental biotechnology, and industrial biotechnology.

Sem6 includes model organisms in the human genome project, elements of management introduction and entrepreneurship, medical biotechnology, and social, legal, and ethical issues of biotechnology.


  1. Is it necessary to have Mathematics as a subject in 12th to apply for B. Sc. Biotechnology?

No, mathematics is not necessary for B. Sc. Biotechnology. It is necessary only if you’re applying for B. Tech.

These were the frequently asked questions by the students interested in B. Sc. Technology. We hope this blog was helpful to you. You can reach out to Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology as it will be the best option for your biotechnology course. All the best for your future endeavors!

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