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Career Development Center and It’s Funtioning

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In the present era, career opportunities are fewer and the demand is continuously rising. To make a difference, it is important for individuals to give some strong points to recruiters about why hiring them would be a fair investment. 

To come to terms with the situation today, BIBT has launched several initiative programs and activities that help shape our students as worthy candidates for recruiters. It should help students embark on the right path to a successful career. 

Realizing the need for a committee that helps students to select the right career options for them, we have set up the Career Development Committee (CDC) to guide students in their careers and provide them with opportunities. 

Functioning of BIBT

At BIBT, we conduct various activities that help to establish a successful path for students’ bright futures. It is important to prepare students to be industry-ready and equipped with the right set of skills necessary. 

Practical thinking is the key essential for this. Workshops and training sessions are organized by the two organs of the CDC. These two organs help set up the career prospects for students. The two cells are provided below:

  1. Utkarsh 
  2. Guidezon


Created with an aim to instil an innovative mindset, the program promotes the benefits of entrepreneurship through activities and collaborations. Utkarsh is an entrepreneurship development cell. 

The cell functions as an in-house support system for students who wish to opt for the field of biotechnology and life sciences. The Utkarsh program gives the students an idea of entrepreneurial activity. 

  • The cell mainly focuses on entrepreneurial development in students’ mindsets and capabilities.
  • It helps to build up the entrepreneurial ideas of the students. 
  • It also provides training and development for funding policies, marketing and leadership.
  • The cell provides the platform to promote the entrepreneur in students.
  • The cell aims to create a generation of innovations and ideas.
  • It aids to build a strong start-up ecosystem within the campus.
  • The cell also organizes academic programs on innovations and entrepreneurship and IPR. 


Guidezon is a higher education cell (HEC). This division works to motivate, counsel, and help students to select the right courses. It encourages students for higher studies by giving them guidance on the same. 


The cell also enables them to develop a vision for their successful careers. Guidezon also spreads awareness among students about various exams. Preparing them for entrance examinations through classes and leading them toward research options is a key function of this cell. 

  • The cell counsel every student individually.
  • Guidezon also spreads awareness among the students regarding available and suitable options for higher education and research options.
  • The cell also creates awareness about competitive exams and conducts classes for preparation for the entrance examination.
  • It also gives a practical experience by providing tours and internships.
  • The division also conducts tours and internships for exposure to industries. 


In the present era, students are expected to be industry-ready equipped with practical thinking and an innovative mindset. For this, colleges need to ensure that students get proper exposure time. Further, students should be able to face challenges and develop problem-solving skills. Keeping these key aspects in mind, at BIBT students are trained for campus interviews and placement drives through various initiatives. 

Our experts provide special classes for syllabus and behaviour teaching. A special focus is put on developing an entrepreneurial mindset in students. Many of our students have gone forward to run successful start-ups. Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Natura and Max Healthcare are some of our top-notch recruiters. We provide one-on-one counselling sessions to students and guide them towards a successful career pathway. 

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We are committed to making the institute a center of excellence for learning in biotechnology and carrying out research and training to fulfill the needs and expectations of students, parents and society at large. We would do this with a high degree of social sensitivity, through innovation and by continual nurturing of talent and building a learning environment to promote creativity and leadership.

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