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About BIBT Alumni

BIBT Alumni Relation Cell (BARC) Association is to provide a liaison between the alumni of Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology and its trustees, administration, staff, faculty, students and friends.

First Alumni Meet- Milaan 2017

Our Aim

BARC provide a vibrant forum that promotes interaction and networking among alumni of the Institute.

About Milaan

Milaan - Alumni Meet is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet and interact with your old friends/ batch mates, seniors, juniors, faculty and staff members, foster new ties and observe significant development and achievements of your Institute.


We are here to take your relationship with the BARC to a completely new dimension of bonding, collaboration and transformation.

Alumni-Milaan 2017

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Getting admission in BIBT always focused me towards my career or goals. My academic life at Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology is very interesting and exciting to build a career in biotech sector. It has excellent lab facilities and my practical knowledge is very much enhanced, also my skills are groomed over here. BIBT helped me a lot to adopt a positive approach as all teachers are very supportive and helped me a lot to work and respond in an informed and confident way when presented with challenging situations. College has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in field of biotech. It introduces us to new and various things through seminar and interactive sessions and I will develop new interest from this exposure.

Ms. Mohini Mendiratta

(M.Sc. Biotechnology 2015 – 2017)

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Doing graduation from Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology was life changing experience for me. I thank this institute for building up my personality not only by elevating my academic level but also helping me to explore my talent in extracurricular activities. All the teachers are very helpful and cooperative and always motivate students to enhance their knowledge and confidence to express their views. Practical skills along with the academic knowledge have given me confidence to pursue a better carrier in future. I thank BIBT for which I secured first position in University of Rajasthan Examination.

Ms. Vartika Gurdaswani

(B.Sc. Biotechnology 2012-15)

Secured I position in University of Rajasthan Examination

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BIBT is an awesome platform for anyone who wants to fulfill their dreams. The institute has actually guided me how to dream in correct manner. It has given me a platform not only to dream but also helped me in orienting my actions to reach my dream.  Campus life in BIBT is full of joy and fun. It is a mixture of academia and extracurricular activities amalgamated together in a balanced way with decorum and drilling. The campus itself is full of positivity and encouragement that has evolved out the hidden me and ameliorate my personality

Ms. Baby Sharma

B.Sc. Biotechnology 2013-2016

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In my view, biotechnology is the latest emerging field and to be a part this field gives a sense of achievement that we are the budding biotechnologists. Surely, this has been possible due to BIBT. Campus life at BIBT is similar to the college life that we have always dreamed of enjoyment, learning team work and building leadership qualities academic life has alas been one of the key elements in grooming our personalities. My experience at BIBIT sense of achievement by our own hard work and guidance of faculty makes the path so easy to follow. Teachers were supportive at each step. The institute has definitely helped me in developing a positive approach by being a part of the cultural committee I have learnt ways to present myself and to deal with the problems more smoothly.

Ms. Sanghmitra

B.Sc. Biotechnology 2013-2016


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The college has taught me to have faith in our own idea and to believe one’s self. I would like to thank all my teachers at Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology, who have contributed in making a responsible and independent person out of me. The seminar and interactive session have helped me to broader my views and look at thing from different perspectives.

Ms. Neha Choudhary

B.Sc. Biotechnology 2013-16

Junior Scientist, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Gurgaon